Transformative Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative creative process where we work together through partnership in order to reach your goals.

My mixed approach uses gestalt, body process and the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) style of coaching, which honors the client as the expert. My responsibility as your coach is to support and challenge you to integrate aspects of yourself so that you have more informed choices. An integrated person consciously chooses to direct their life, rather than reacting automatically from the unconscious. Our work is centered on the following principles:

  • Encouraging you to connect to your self-awareness;
  • Eliciting self-generated insights and solutions; and
  • Challenging you to be responsible and accountable for your choices and actions.

Coaching can be utilized in a variety of spheres: career, life, spiritual, relationship, fitness and health.

Career Coaching: Changes affecting your career are explored. We may work with blocks, limiting self beliefs, or ongoing issues in your current organization. Coaching can equip you with more skills and choice to create the change you desire.

Life and Relationship Coaching: Are you feeling stuck in your life? Are you experiencing negative emotions? Are you struggling in your relationships? Do you struggle with body image and self esteem? My experience in gestalt, wellness and psychotherapy supports integrating yourself so you are able to live an authentic life.

Why Coaching Works?

Coaching works because patterns are interrupted. The process for coaching includes:

  • Conscious commitment
  • Clarifying what you want and how you’re going to get there
  • Chunking down big goals through an ongoing relationship allows you to think, “What can I do today to help me move towards my goal?”
  • Reflection to learn and make new choices
  • Real-time feedback, ongoing conversation, and action planning for immediate feedback
  • Inquiry to challenge the status quo
  • Building trust in yourself by turning your inner critic into an ally
  • Building on your strengths