About Kristina

I started my career in process engineering. Working in various sectors including biomedical, environmental and manufacturing, in government and private companies, my expertise spans engineering innovation, workplace learning, leadership coaching, gestalt process, and wellness consulting.

I love working with people and solving problems – finding the most effective and efficient way to get something done. My gift is to stay with discomfort while zeroing in on root causes, resourcefully utilizing what’s available to resolve issues.

I was always drawn to how people tick – after all, problem solving requires people and teams to work together. Conflicts and interpersonal issues played out in the workplace, and teams lost high performance and effectiveness. Especially issues of discrimination, diversity and inclusion came to play to exacerbate inequity issues.

I decided to pursue higher learning, on a mission to implement transformative change in organizations. The interplay of resistance to change has been a theme in my career. Creating psychologically healthy, inclusive workplaces where everyone belongs and able to contribute in their full potential is my personal mission in life.

Kristina:The intention of Gestalt process is to expand emotional intelligence by feeling, expressing, and building tolerance so that we may become more powerful in creating the life we imagine. We experiment to build awareness, enabling more choice and range in responding. Drawing on body process, I use body and sensory awareness with mindfulness, to connect to your innate  values and strengths. This deeper access to your power is required for transformation. I look forward to knowing you!