Integrated Well

At times we lack energy, motivation and courage to make change in our lives. Sometimes we lack clarity, sense of direction, or simply feel stuck in old patterns. Other times thoughts and feelings may take a toll on our physical health and we might start to worry about how we continue to fulfill responsibilities. Establishing a relationship with a trusted expert can guide us on our journey to become integrated well.

As the principal of Integrated Well, I am dedicated to providing two things for this journey:

  • resources on gestalt, change management, organization development, inclusion, psychology and behavior change; and
  • coaching and facilitation services.

My passion is to help individuals, groups and organizations come alive, surface hidden truths, resolve conflict, gain self responsibility, integrity and human connection.

Driven towards human evolution through workplace innovation, I am committed to inspiring change that is humanistic. Having worked in a highly technical, male dominated field, I understand what it feels like to be a unicorn. My experience allows me to connect to highly technical, engineering, IT, finance, construction and infrastructure professionals to challenge and support exploration of innovative change, resilience and disruption. I excel at working with technical professionals and organizations, assisting them to bring human factors and people aspects to change, innovation, inclusion and belonging.